• 1.Mountain Raise and products obtained international agency certification

    MOUNTAIN RAISE has passed various corporate and product certifications in order to meet the quality requirements of different countries during its twenty years of development. It not only meets the requirements of China, but also meets the international requirements, such as global ISO, SGS, TUV, ROPS&FPOS, etc. CE certification that meets European quality standards, engine certification that meets European emission EURO5 standards, and EPA4 engine certification that meets North American emission standards.

  • 2.Product Delivery Time

    For more popular products, we will produce them in advance as inventory, and ship them within three days after the order is confirmed. Customer-specific customized products, such as special configurations, colors, etc., take 1-2 weeks to produce.

  • 3.Can it help transport to the port or to the door?

    There are usually three situations: (1)FOB, Customer arrange shipping. (2)We transport to customer's near port. (3)We transport to customer's door directly, and help to customs clearance . These three situations are aimed at three different customers. The first is suitable for experienced customers who have fixed cooperative freight forwarders; the second is suitable for customers with a small amount of international trade experience; the third is suitable for no experience or do not want to Customers who spend too much effort.

  • 4.Payment Term Choose

    (1)T/T : 30% prepayment for production start, 70% balance payment before shipping . (2)L/C : 100% irrevocable L/C at sight. (3)Alibaba Trade Insurance.

  • 5.How to solve the problem of machine failure and repair parts?

    (1)When a customer buys a machine, we will give away some common accessories, such as filter elements, original single parts, sealing rings, etc. (2)We have long-term partners in more than 20 countries, and you can buy accessories from our agents. In countries where there is no agent, we will send repair parts through DHL, Fedex, TNT, and it is free during the warranty period.

  • 6.Engine brand selection

    For construction machinery, different countries like different engines, not only for the brand, but also for exhaust emission standards and engine after-sales service. So we can not only equip China's famous engines WEICHAI, XINCHAI, YUNNEI, etc., but also Cummins, Yanmar, Kubota, etc. Let users have more choices.

  • 7.How to maintain and when to maintain the wheel loader

    1)Every 50 working hours or weekly maintenance : 1.Maintain the air filter first (the maintenance time should be shortened in bad environment), and the filter element needs to be replaced every 5 times. 2.Check the gearbox oil level. 3.Tighten the front and rear drive shaft coupling bolts. 4.4. Check the lubrication condition of each lubrication point. 5.Check the accumulator inflation pressure during the first 50 working hours. Press grease on the spline of the drive shaft and the universal joint. 2)Maintenance every 100 working hours or two weeks 1.First carry out the above inspection and maintenance items. 2.Change the transmission oil after the first 100 hours of work, and then change the transmission oil every 1000 hours of operation, but change the transmission oil at least once a year. When changing the transmission oil, replace the transmission fine filter and clean Clean the transmission primary filter. 3.Replace the drive axle gear oil after the first 100 hours of operation, and then change the drive axle gear oil every 1000 working hours, but at least once a year 4.Clean the radiator group. 5.Clean the diesel tank refueling filter. 3)Maintenance every 250 working hours or 1 month 1. First carry out the above inspection and maintenance items. 2. Check the tightening torque of the hub fixing bolts. 3. Check the tightening torque of the mounting bolts of the gearbox and engine. 4. Check whether the fixing bolts of each force welding machine are cracked or loose. 5. Check the oil level of the front and rear axles. 6. Change the engine oil and oil filter. 7. Replace the engine coolant filter. 8. Replace the oil return filter of the hydraulic system. 9. Check the tightness and damage of fan belt, compressor and engine belt. 10. Check the service braking capacity and parking braking capacity. 11. Check the accumulator charging pressure. 4)Every 1000 working hours or half a year 1. First carry out the above inspection and maintenance items 2. Change the transmission fluid. Replace the transmission oil filter and clean the transmission oil filter. 3. Replace the drive axle gear oil . 4. Replace the oil return filter of the hydraulic system. 5. Clean the fuel tank. 6. Check the accumulator charging pressure. 5)Every 2000 working hours or half a year 1. First carry out inspection and maintenance of the above items. 2. Replace the hydraulic oil and clean the hydraulic oil tank. 3. Check the service brake and parking brake. 4. Check the tightness of the distribution valve and working cylinder by measuring the natural settlement of the cylinder. 6)Every 6000 working hours or two years 1. First carry out the above inspection and maintenance items. 2. Replace the engine coolant and clean the engine cold removal system. 3. Check the front shock absorber of the engine crankshaft. 4. Check the turbocharger.

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